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JBS Australia's COVID-19 Update

  • The Government has named Meat and Food manufacturing as essential industries.
  • During this time, the team at JBS Australia has an important role to play as the major producer of meat and food, to supplyproduct for Australia and the world.
  • Importantly, our team members provide a critical and essential service in producing food for the country and the world during a time of need.
  • As an essential service, we continue with our operations.
  • We will continue to work with State and Federal Government to maintain production and ensure the health and wellbeing of our team members across Australia and New Zealand.

How we are keeping our teams safe

At all of our sites, we have implemented companywide procedures, consistent with the advice of both National and State Health authorities, to ensure we limit the potential spread of Coronavirus.

As a meat and food processing company, JBS Australia maintains the most stringent hygiene requirements and implements these across all businesses. We will continue to focus on increased hygiene, people and food safety along with animal welfare.

To keep our team members safe and healthy, we have:

  • Prohibited international and domestic travel unless business critical.
  • Prohibited attendance at conferences and events.
  • Restricted access to all of our sites with a focus on business critical activities only.
  • Implemented protocols to track our team members returning from leave, absence or annual leave.
  • Enhanced hygiene, sanitation and cleaning measures at all sites and offices.
  • Are using best judgement adhering to the possible social distancing requirements..

We are working closely with State Government Departments to ensure the continued operation of our business, while ensuring the health of our team members. We are grateful our Government understands the production environment we operate within at our plants including our already stringent hygiene levels and protective equipment.


JBS has put in place a team of internal and external stakeholders including medical professionals, to provide advice and guidance to the company. We will continue to focus on our stringent hygiene measures across the business.

How we are maintaining our operations

As an essential service, we have worked with State Governments to ensure the roads remain open for transport to be able to provide food to the supermarkets and the world.

While we continue to operate, we are liaising with State health authorities around policies and procedures for meat and food processing, ensuring we have the best measures in place to protect our team members.

Our continued operations relies on our team members being available and able to come to work. We have worked with Government to ensure schools remain open for essential workers.

JBS is committed to working with State and Federal Governments to keep roads open to allow our team members to travel to and from work as part of an essential service, and to maintain access to livestock and freight for finished products.

For our Customers

As we work to maintain our operations, JBS Australia takes the responsibility of providing meat and food to world very seriously. Working closely with our customers to continue trading meat and food products ensures we keep JBS Australia team members across Australia and New Zealand employed.

We are regularly liaising with customers to ensure the strictest of hygiene and safety measures are in place. We are also working closely with Government departments to maintain open frieght and distirbution lines so product reaches our customers and consumers.

You can access and read our Customer Update here.

For our Suppliers

JBS Australia is committed to continuing our operations while it is safe to do so. Our responsibility to our team members, partners and customers will be to continue putting in place procedures, which will limit and reduce the possibility for infection to occur.

With immediate effect, and unless business critical, all partners are to suspend site visits and meetings until further notice.

We encourage the use of technology (e.g. email, teleconference, videoconference, webinar) in lieu of face-to-face meetings for conducting ongoing and day-to-day business.

We are grateful for the understanding of our suppliers and your continued to support to service our business.

JBS is committed to continuing to supply high quality products to the world.
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For our Producers

JBS Australia’s Livestock Producers ensure the continuity of our business. Although COVID-19 presents challenges to Australia, JBS will continue to purchase livestock and maintain the continuity of our business.

Our clear aim is to ensure our processing operations remain open and we continue to process product for both the domestic and international markets.

We have assured Livestock Producers that we can and will continue to, pay for livestock consistent with our terms and conditions, and for JBS, it is business as usual.

As we continue to purchase Livestock from our valued producers,
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