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Our Facilities

Given the vast area our operations occupy across Australia, JBS Australia can be viewed as having a Southern Division which includes our facilities in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania; and a Northern Division that encompasses our presence in Queensland and New South Wales.

JBS Australia’s Southern Division, headquartered in Melbourne, boasts the most diverse and complex processing facility capabilities within the JBS family of companies, processing sheep, goats, pigs and cattle at five processing facilities spread throughout the southern states of Australia. The Southern Division has a combined processing capacity of 110,000 small stock and 9,500 head of cattle per week, employing 2,500 employees.

Southern plants are strategically located in key livestock-growing regions with fertile soils and annual rainfall levels that allow for the production of high-quality, grass-fed lamb and grass-fed, British-bred natural beef. With an abundance of export registrations, the Southern Division has almost unlimited market access to worldwide meat and offal export markets.

JBS Australia’s Northern Division operates five strategically-placed processing facilities with access to an extensive network of quality, Australian cattle. Our network provides the ability to meet the specific demands of various market segments with an extensive range of grain-fed and pasture-fed products.

As a major player in the Australian beef industry, the Northern Division processes up to 1.4 million head of cattle annually.

The dedicated and highly-skilled Northern Division workforce of more than 4,300 people promotes a culture of uncompromising and meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of our business. From compliance with our safe work programs, strict personal hygiene procedures, rigorous quality assurance measures, and robust animal welfare processes, to our best-in-class environmental stewardship efforts, JBS

JBS Australia operates five feedlots covering more than 10,000 hectares, located in prime grain and cattle-producing regions in New South Wales and Queensland. The feedlots enjoy a one-time feeding capacity of 150,000 head of cattle, with an annual cattle turnoff of more than 330,000 head. JBS maintains a unique, competitive position in Australia through the operation of the only two integrated feedyard and abattoir sites in the country. The JBS Beef City and JBS Riverina beef abattoirs are dedicated grain-fed cattle plants located next to their respective feedlots. This allows for the maximisation of animal performance and optimisation of meat quality and animal welfare outcomes.

The name JBS Australia has become synonymous with quality within the feedlot industry. JBS Australia has been awarded the prestigious national “Feedlot of the Year” award more than any other competitor. Our continuous high standards of performance are delivered by a team of 145 dedicated team members committed to employee safety, animal welfare and food safety.