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As Australia's largest beef producer and marketer, we are proud to offer a wide variety of brands to suit the entire retail, wholesale and foodservice industry.

Thousand Guineas Brand

Thousand Guineas

Thousand Guineas Shorthorn Beef is packaged exclusively by JBS Australia. A unique partnership between JBS Australia and the two leading Shorthorn breed societies, Beef Shorthorns Australia and Shorthorn Beef, Thousand Guineas is a high quality marble score 2+ grainfed beef brand that delivers a rich and full flavoured beef eating experience.

Aspen Ridge Brand

Riverina Angus

Verified under the JBS Angus program, our Riverina Angus brand is the result of raising the finest quality cattle on grains that have been selected by our industry leading nutritionists.

Sourced exclusively from cattle finished in our Riverina feedlot located in southern New South Wales and processed in the adjoining facility, Riverina Angus delivers the ultimate dining experience.


Acres Organic Grassfed Beef

Acres Organic Grass Fed Beef is sourced from the untouched plains of Australia, where cattle are free to roam, graze on natural pastures and are raised in a fully USDA NOP accredited organic environment ... 12 months of the year.

Acres Organic Grass Fed Beef is produced by JBS Australia at the AUS-QUAL Organic accredited processing facility in Rockhampton, Queensland (organic certification number AQ620046), in the heart of the rapidly growing organic beef catchment region of central Queensland.

Swift 1855 Brand

Great Southern

Great Southern Beef is produced under the JBS Farm Assurance program and is primarily sourced from British breeds such as Angus and Hereford. Superior genetic selection contributes to this rare breed of quality meat. The result is super tender beef that has just enough of the natural marbling to suit the most discerning palettes.

What makes the difference is 100% grass-feeding in a stress-free environment. The abundance of land ensures maximum free range rotation across different pastures and continuous nutrition.

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AMH Brand


AMH is the leading brand of beef in the world. Customers, the world over, recognize the commitment to quality and consistency that the AMH brand represents.

AMH Brand

King Island Beef

The small island of King Island is located between the mainland of Australia and the island State of Tasmania. Known as one of the world’s cleanest and most natural environments, an abundance of rainfall and laws prohibiting the use of hormone growth promotants make King Island beef one of the most unique and flavoursome beef brands available from anywhere in the world. Beef produced under the King Island brand is sourced from livestock that are exclusively from King Island where they graze freely, as nature intended, on nutrient rich pastures and native grasses.

King Island promises consumers an award winning, tender, flavoursome and succulent dining experience that is backed by the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system.

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Swift Angus Brand

Aberdeen Black

Exclusively supplied to the European Union, the Aberdeen Black brand selects the best cattle which will provide the best meat. The focus is on juiciness and tenderness and how we can deliver that on a daily basis.

Cattle are sourced from a hand selected group of graziers that meet the high quality and animal welfare specifications we demand.

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American Reserve Brand


One of Australia’s most well recognised beef brands, Royal is sourced from a handpicked selection of suppliers across South East Queensland that have forged a strong working relationship with JBS over many years, guaranteeing a consistent eating experience.

Cattle picked for the Royal brand are fed a grain ration for a minimum of 70 days.

Cedar River Brand

Beef City Black

Beef City is JBS Australia’s vertically integrated, award-winning, feedlot and processing facility located on the Darling Downs.

Beef City Black is the outcome of a minimum of 100 days on a highly nutritious ration to consistently deliver a well-marbled product known for its tenderness, juiciness and flavour.

Thousand Guineas Brand


Queenslander is produced at our Queensland processing plants from various breeds sourced from the prime cattle producing regions of Australia.
We work with local producers in every state and territory of Australia to ensure only the finest cattle that meet our exacting standards gain access to our brand.

Assorted Beef Brands